category: Website Design

context: website re-design

Date: February 2016


The Greenleaf Center for  Servant Leadership is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is “to advance the awareness, understanding and practice of servant leadership by individuals and organizations”. This project was a website re-design for the organization that I designed during my role as Website Designer for LYFE Marketing.

Challenge: Re-design website to display information in a clear, intuitive and modern way. Make website more engaging for users.


The original Greenleaf website was said to be,
“Cluttered, it is not intuitively navigable, poor design, not engaging…”

home & navigation

The goal of the new Greenleaf website is to appeal to the millennial generation and give the user the feeling of being on a “journey”. This was achieved by the use of full width design, bright energizing colors, improving the site navigation and leading the users to choose their “path” to servant leadership. The site’s navigation bare was also restructured to make it more intuitive to the user.